What is ISO 9001 Standard?

What is ISO 9001 Standard?

ISO 9001 describes the requirements for your quality management system and is an international standard. By using this standard, you can demonstrate to your customers that your organization can deliver products and services that meet their needs consistently. This standard applies to industries across the board.

Benefits of ISO 9001

Being Certified to ISO 9001 brings many benefits to your organisation:

  • Increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits.
  • Increased consistency in quality of products and services produced.
  • Increased retention in customer and loyalty.
  • Reduced or minimised errors in production.
  • Improves brand reputation.
  • Increased assurance as external stakeholders could be more willing to work with your organisation.


Certification to ISO 9001

You can obtain ISO 9001 certification for your organisation; certification will be obtained after an audit by a Certification Body (CB). Certification to ISO 9001 is not required by law, however.

The ISO 9001 standards will be continuously audited (usually annually) to ensure that the organisation continues to meet them.

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