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What are Suppliers and contractors?

For a more straightforward distinction, a contractor is hired to complete construction activities, while a supplier is hired to provide specific goods or services. This is regardless of whether the items supplied go directly into your product or service or are consumed by support services within your organization.

  • Suppliers have access to and sell commercially available commodities, products, and services. Each chain of business requires a variety of products and services that are sold to customers.
  • The term contractor refers to someone who is hired to do construction work. Construction sites may come to mind when you think of a contractor, but this word has many other meanings as well. A contractor is someone who signs a contract to complete a job.

Why are suppliers and contractors important?

Suppliers and contractors are both important to any organisation, as they can significantly affect the manner your organisation operates.

If you do not have dependable suppliers and/or contractors to lead your production side of the business, it will be impossible for you to pull together the necessary resources and facilities.

A healthy working relationship will ensure that suppliers and contractors deliver the materials and resources you require on time and to your satisfaction every time. As a result, your business will enjoy an increase in customer satisfaction because your products and services will always be of the highest quality and will not contain any defects.

It is important to a have a good relationship with suppliers and contractors as it will save your organisation money and time needed to negotiate with them.


Use SHEQ software

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