What is Leadership in Quality Management?

Leadership in Quality Management

Leadership is the capability of one person to guide other people, groups or businesses toward the chosen result.  It is not about their position in a company but their capacity to persuade others to follow them. It is common for someone who has a significant following to take a leadership position, or it can be pushed onto them. Due to their ability to influence others, some people may become leaders without even realizing it or wishing it.

On the other hand, some people may have the responsibilities of a leader, but this does not implicitly make them a leader. Often, the leader of an organization is assumed to be the CEO. The CEO may not have leadership potential if they cannot effectively direct the rest of the organization’s members in a way that allows them to achieve successful outcomes.  Sometimes you may find that line managers show more leadership skills than top-level managers, identifying with the possibility that authority isn’t about progressive systems.

In saying this, a person may not show natural leadership qualities doesn’t mean that they can’t figure out how to exhibit initiative by improving specific abilities. A portion of these abilities could incorporate having the option to impart a dream to other people, the capacity to persuade, show enthusiastic knowledge by being sympathetic, and going about as an emotionally supportive network to other people.

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