Mango SHEQ Software Solutions

Mango SHEQ Software Solutions can be used to control and maintain all aspects of an organisation’s SHEQ compliance requirements.

Mango SHEQ Software Solutions - All of your SHEQ compliance into one easy-to-use solution.

Most organisations suffer from an unnecessarily high volume of incidents and accidents because they fail to identify the root causes and establish preventative actions. The Accident/Incident module will highlight root causes and linkage with the improvement module will ensure preventive actions are implemented.

SHEQ Software App for Management-on-the-Go

Manage your SHEQ responsibilities from one place … your pocket! The Mango SHEQ App can be downloaded for free from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android devices. Just search for “Mango SHEQ” and click download.

Audit & Inspection SHEQ Software Solution

For many organisations, compliance audits & inspections are perceived as a painful and thankless task. But given they’re an essential component of all compliance standards, wouldn’t it be better to make the process super-slick and value-add?

Calendar for Your Tasks

The main reason is that many action items aren’t visible to the employees. These items are typically buried in spreadsheets, procedures or in minutes from meetings. If employees don’t know where to find the information, then these items just won’t get done. There must be a better way! That’s right, the better way is the Calendar module.

Charts for SHEQ Software Solution

Analyse your data and highlight what needs improvement In business, it can be hard to identify trends. That’s why charts are a great tool to display data in a visual manner. Mango’s chart module can display data from the Accident/Incident Module and the Improvement Module.

Meet your Compliance Objectives SHEQ Software Solution

Many organisations have no idea whether they meet their compliance obligations or not. This is a serious risk to any business. There can be substantial fines or jail for the Directors of the business. An effective way to meet the obligations is to have a Legal Register. This register will highlight compliance gaps that need to be addressed.

Dashboard SHEQ Software Solution

See Everything On Your Plate – All In One Place The dashboard is your home inside Mango. It’s where you see all events, improvements, accidents & incidents and risks you own or have an interest in.

Mango for Event Management SHEQ Software Solution

No More Forgotten Activities – No More Excuses In today’s hectic work environment, many tasks must be managed concurrently.As a result, scheduled system activities can be overlooked. This is one of the main findings reported by auditors – that jobs are simply forgotten.

eAssessment for Competent Employees SHEQ Software Solution

Most organisations suffer from inconsistent training and assessments of their employees. This inconsistency can have a major impact on the delivery of your quality of products and services, the environment you work in and the health and safety of your employees.

Human Resource SHEQ Software Solution

Proving Compliance Through Employee Competency Maintaining a comprehensive central database of employee details that links people with their skills and positions can be a real headache – especially if there are multiple managers and sites involved. Paper or spreadsheet-based HR systems are commonly used but these are difficult to administer, become out-dated quickly and are prone to inaccuracy.

Document Management SHEQ Software Solution

Most organisations suffer from the same issues when it comes to documentation and information control. Maintaining document control and ensuring employees are using the correct (current) versions can be a painstaking task and an unnecessary cost of compliance. What organisations need is a robust document management system that’s easy to use.

Improvements & Non-Conformances SHEQ Software Solution

Improvements & Non-Conformances Made Easy Not only do most organisations struggle to effectively manage their improvements and non-conformances, they also fail to adequately maintain their systems. Many organisations complain about using hard copy forms or spreadsheets and often report delays in implementing action or improvements.

Plant & Equipment Maintenance SHEQ Software Solution

Failing to properly maintain your plant and equipment can have a detrimental effect on your bottom line. In addition to the risk of exposing your staff to unsafe equipment, more frequent breakdowns result in lost productivity, costly repair bills and dissatisfied customers.

Risk Management SHEQ Software Solution

Manage Your Risks, Improve Your Bottom Line Risk management systems need to be more than a passive list sitting in a manual. Most organisations struggle to make the risk management process visible to employees and to ensure an easy method for identifying, recording and controlling risk. It’s also vital that regular checking of identified risk controls is not forgotten or incomplete.

Report Maintenance SHEQ Software Solution

Many organisations spend more time dealing with the paperwork associated with reporting maintenance, rather than dealing with the maintenance itself.
Find out how Mango’s system removes paperwork through reporting maintenance online.
Your organisation will be able to efficiently and effectively attend to any unplanned maintenance required – freeing up time for more important activities.

Supplier Management SHEQ Software Solution

Ensure Your Suppliers Don’t Let You Down Compliance programmes require that you have readily available information on approved suppliers and sub-contractors.