This module gives you the ability to report, investigate, assess root causes, upload evidence and implement corrective action, review and close accidents and incidents.

Access Mango From Your Pocket

Mango’s app gives you the ability to manage compliance on-the-go. Who knew compliance could be so simple?

Mango’s app gives you the ability to manage your compliance tasks straight from your pocket. The app is perfect for employees out on the field who need to report an accident or incident or look up a document on the spot.

You can download our app from the Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android devices. Just search for “Mango QHSE” and click download.

Easily Manage Your Audits & Inspections

Audits and inspections can be a painful and time-consuming task. Unfortunately, they are an essential part of all compliance standards.

With Mango, we make the process super efficient and value-adding. The reminder system ensures you meet audit schedules on-time and that inspections are never forgotten.

View the Big Picture of Your SHEQ Tasks

The most common issue we come across is businesses forgetting to complete tasks on time.

Organisations have numerous compliance obligations that they must meet. These are typically lost inside multiple spreadsheets and often get forgotten. Having one central place that outlines all up-coming tasks can make a huge difference. Mango’s Calendar Module solves this problem, it gives you the ability to display action items on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and to create your own built-in too-do-list.

Keep an Eye on SHEQ Trends in Your Business

The Charts Module is a great tool for business to identify trends. It gives you the ability to identify trends for accidents and incidents.

Being able to track compliance trends in your business is important. With Mango’s Charts Module you have the ability to drill in to data from the Accident/Incident Module and the Improvement Module. Mango’s Chart Module highlights areas for improvement in the business and is a great tool for any business wanting to learn more about their Health and Safety and Quality statistics.

Compliance Module

Failing to meet your legal compliance objectives is a massive risk, directors can face serious penalties such as fines and jail time. This module gives you the ability to keep on top of your legal compliance objectives.

Business have compliance obligations they must meet. Too many organisations have no idea whether or not they meet these. This is risky waters for any business as they can be left with big fines or at worst, jail for Company Directors.

Mango’s Compliance Module is a true gem as it controls your compliance issues. The easy configuration ensures you can easily record, control and report on all of your organisation’s legal, regulation and other compliance issues. Once recorded, the workflow then actions the issue. The issue can then be closed off. The system then automatically creates the legal register.

See What’s on Your Plate

Mango’s Dashboard shows an overview of what tasks are assigned to you such as accidents, incidents, improvements, audits and risks.

Mango’s Dashboard is where you can find all accidents and incidents, events, improvements and risks you own or are assigned to you. It lets you know when tasks are overdue, due or coming-up meaning you are less likely to forget any compliance activity.

Mango’s Dashboard provides clarity and less hassle as it provides users with a prioritised to-do-list.

Access Documents in One Place

Upload all of your polices; procedures; files and records into a centralised point for effective document and record control.

When it come to documentation and information control most organisations suffer from the same issues. Maintaining document control can be a real problem, too many organisations have multiple versions of the same document floating around which can create problems within the business.

Mango’s Documents Module creates one place where everyone can access the most up to date documents.

Create Consistency Across Your Business With eAssessments

Many organisations suffer from inconsistent employee training and assessments of employees. This inconsistency can have a major impact across the business.

Organisations often fail to create consistency across employee training. With Mango’s eAssessment Module you no longer have to worry about inconsistent training and assessments of employees. This module sets up training to ensure all employees are trained in an identical manner leaving little room for inconsistency.

Simplifying Reporting and Management of Environmental Incidents

Many organisation ineffectively report, manage and investigate environmental incidents. Mango provides users with the appropriate tools to ensure these three important steps are managed effectively.

Too many organisations spend more time dealing with paperwork associated with reporting an environmental incident, than they do coming up with solutions. The impact of this can be that no real mitigating actions are ever put in place, meaning the same issues may continue to arise. Providing your organisation with the tools necessary to effectively report, manage and investigate environmental incidents, you will be able to greatly simplify your

processes. Not to mention you’ll have the ability to create reports and charts to better help you identify areas of concern and deliver a more proactive response as opposed to reactive. Mango’s Environmental Incident Module allows your organisation to spend less time on compliance and more time on improvement.

Compliance Tasks No Longer Forgotten

Create time-based reminders for any action required by your system, upload evidence to create a clear audit trail.

Chances are, your day is jam packed with multiple tasks and events on the go. It can be easy to forget certain events or to complete a task on time.

With Mango’s Event Module, you can ensure important compliance activity is not forgotten. Mango’s Event Management Module sends out reminder emails to let you know when an item is coming up, due or overdue.

Human Resources Software for SHEQ Compliance
Effectively Manage Human Resources With Mango

Identify skills requirements; link them to positions and then employees for seamless management of employee competencies and training plans.

It’s important for organisations to keep track of their employees details such as skills, training and information regarding positions. Spreadsheets are the most common method of keeping track of all this. The problem with spreadsheets is that they become outdated and information becomes inaccurate.

Mango’s Human Resources Module ensures employee data is up-to-date and send reminder emails when a specific certificate is about to expire. This means you can keep on top of employee training and qualifications.

Making Improvements & Non-Conformances Easy

Report, investigate, assess root causes, upload evidence, implement corrective action, review and close.

Managing improvements and non-conformances can be a real challenge for businesses. Effectively maintaining their systems is an even bigger challenge. With Mango’s Audit Inspection Module, these important tasks are never forgotten.

Plant & Equipment Maintenance Made Easy

Identify all plant & equipment and schedule planned maintenance based on time or usage. Upload evidence of maintenance & breakdowns and manage costs.

Businesses need to maintain their plant and equipment for a number of reasons. Besides reducing risk exposure to employees, having plant and equipment properly

maintained means productivity is not affected, and costly repair bills and dissatisfied customers are easily avoided.

Mango’s Plant & Equipment Modules provides you with a platform to keep all supplier information in one location.

Effectively Manage Your Risks

Compliance programmes require businesses to make the processes for identifying, recording and controlling risk clear for all staff.

This module allows you to effectively manage risks and do all of the above. Many organisations fail to effectively manage risk. Compliance programmes require businesses to make the processes for identifying, recording and controlling risk clear for all staff.

Mango’s Risk Management Module takes care of all this.

Effectively Manage Your Suppliers

Bulk upload suppliers, rate them based on the impact to your company and then periodically review their performance.

By law, businesses are obliged to have information available on approved suppliers and sub-contractors. Mango’s Supplier Module keeps all necessary information on hand so you can view it anywhere, anytime.

Effectively manage your SHEQ compliance

Easy-to-use compliance software to integrate your SHEQ management systems. Making compliance a breeze.


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