ISO 45001 in 45 minutes: Clause 9 – Performance Evaluation

Clause 9 is personally my favourite clause as it is a culmination of all the work you have put into action.

Lets kick off with Clause 9.1

Clause 9.1. OHS performance, monitoring, management analysis and evaluation

A process for evaluating the OHS performance including methods criteria to ensure results (what, where, how and who)

  1. Have legal requirements been met?
  2. Are activities and operations relative to hazards and risk effectiveness of operational controls?
  3. What is the progress toward objectives?

9.1.1. Determine the OHS performance and OHS management system effectiveness

  • Calibrate or verify the OHS monitoring, measuring of equipment

9.1.2 . Evaluation Compliance

This is a process for evaluating compliance to legal and other requirements

  • Frequency and methods
  • Evaluate compliance and take action
  • Knowledge of compliance status and retain records

Clause 9.2. Internal Auditing

Perform internal audits to confirm:

  • If the OHS management system conforms to ISO45001
  • If the organisation conforms to own arrangements, if implemented and maintained

The organisation shall establish an audit programme as per ISO 19011

  • Frequency, methods, criteria, auditor (competency)
  • Audit results are reported to workers and  interested parties
  • Take action to address audit findings
  • Retain records

Clause 9.3. Management Review

The management review includes a set of inputs and outputs as below:


  • Status of action from precious review
  • Changes to internal/external issues
  • Needs and expectations of the internal parties and workers
  • Legal and other requirements
  • Have OHS objectives and policy commitments been met?
  • Risks and opportunities and action plans


  • Decisions on continued suitability adequacy and effectiveness
  • Continual improvement opportunities
  • Changes to OHS management system
  • Resources
  • Any actions
  • Effect of Strategic Direction

And thats a wrap up of Clause 9 of ISO 45001. Be sure to check out our other episodes in this series.