ISO 45001 in 45 minutes: Clause 10 – Improvements

10.1. Determine opportunities and take actions to achieve the intended outcomes

Improvements to the OHS Management System are not always dependent the non-conformities.

10.2. Incident, non-conformity and corrective action

This is a process for reporting, investigating and taking action to address incidents and non-conformities.

  • React Timeously (reaction time is significant)
  • Control and correct
  • Address consequences
  • Investigate with participation or workers and representatives
  • Investigate
    • Identify root cause
    • Have similar instances occurred before?
    • Take action to prevent reoccurrence
    • Review existing risk assessments
    • Implement action in conjunction with change and management processes
    • Actions should be in accordance with the hierarchy of controls
  • Review the effectiveness of actions taken
  • Make changes to the OHS management system as may be required
  • Retain records
  • Communicate outcomes of investigations to workers and interested parties

10.3. Continual Improvement

Improve the OHS management system through:

  • Improved OHS performance
  • Promote culture which supports the OHS management system
  • Promote participation of workers and representatives on OHS management system
  • Communicate results of continual improvement to workers and interested parties
  • Retain records


Thats an overview of Clause 10, we hope that you have enjoyed it and please join us for other episodes in this series.