All things Certification


Road to certification

  1. Starts with a strategic decision. – it is important to be intentional about the implementation of a system which will add value and protect against liability and acheievement.
  2. Business partners to support:
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Software
  1. Pre-certification GAP analysis (readiness)

Certification Process

  1. Receive application
  2. IAF MS
  • Determination of the audit time and the quality of the environmental and occupational health and safety management systems
  • The duration is based on the effective number of personnel (contractors)
  • There will be an increase or decrease of time based on the nature of work and risk
  • The maximum adjustment is 20%
  • The auditor day is 8hrs, excluding breaks
  1. Quotation
  2. Audit Planning
  3. Transfer: Yes – Pretransfer review (1 day) and issue of certificate or if no theStage 1 audit (desk study and readiness) followed by corrective action and Stage 2 audit includes the audit report and corrective action
  4. Issue of Certificate

The certification has a 3 year validity which should include surveillance visits and corrective action

Why 3rd party certification?

  1. Certification removes barriers to trade
  2. Increases trust, assurance and confidence
  3. Independent audits sustain system robustness
  4. External auditors use their experience to improve the system


Are all conformity assessment bodies equal?

It is important to ask the market these questions:

  1. How are auditors being selected?
  • internally or externally approved
  • sector competency
  1. How is impartiality assured?
  2. What internal system does the certification body use?
  3. How does the certification body stay abreast of ISO standards?